Friday, July 10, 2009

"I can hardly believe it but we are actually in our Beijing hotel room!

Our flights were smooth and everything is wonderful. After navigating the Beijing airport, which included a mini train ride to the baggage claim, we were meet by our guide and given a quick rundown of how everything would go for the next couple days. Allie and Emily are waiting for me to finish this so that we can head to the Carrefour store and dinner. If I don't end this quick Emily might pass out and not make it to the "Chinese Wal Mart." She was too excited to sleep much on the flight from San Francisco to here and now she's exhausted. Allie and I got a couple good naps in and we're good :0) Thank you so much to all of you who prayed for our safe travel! Tomorrow pictures....promise!!!"




Traci said...

So glad you made it ok! Sleep tight! Enjoy the store.... beware it's crazy!

Kristi said...

So let's see, add 12 hours from my side of the country and you are probably going from the Forbidden City to lunch right now...