Sunday, July 12, 2009

Truely Great

It didn't seem right to take pictures of our church service but that's where our day started today. It was so overwhelming to be in a communist country are worship with people from all over the world! There were rumors going around our travel group that Steven Curtis Chapman is in Beijing for the opening of Maria's Big House and that he would be at the service we attended. He was not there but none of us were disappointed...God was there at that was all that mattered. A verse in one of the songs that we sang said "As morning comes and evening fades, you inspire songs of praise." As we sang this all I could think of is that tomorrow morning we will wake up, fly to our daughters province, hold her for the first time, and praise God like never before. How mighty and awesome is our God!

After church we went to a jade store where we learned a few traditions and facts about jade. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of that either. Then it was on to the most famous section of the Great Wall. We went up a couple levels and took a few pictures. Then Allie and Emily decided to see how far up they could climb. Before they headed up we passed a man who looked up at the super steep stairs and said "Bu Yao!" which we have learned means "No thank you!" I totally agreed with him! It's beautiful and I'm grateful for the opportunity to see such a historic place but those are some very high and steep stairs!!!

Allie & Em made it to the tower at the top of this picture. Maybe if you enlarge the picture you can see them coming back down. I can't tell though because blogger is blocked here and my super fantastic friend TJ is posting what I e-mail her. Isn't she awesome!!!

While Allie and Emily climbed, I wondered around the little touristy shops that are tucked around the towers. They sell the typical Chinese souvenirs that are quickly becoming common sights and loosing their appeal. I did find a man who was carving chops (small rectangular stones that are carved with the characters of your name and used like a rubber stamp as your signature) so I had one made for Emily and KayLi.

I also found this adorable little guy who was being dressed up like an emperor and having his picture taken. Isn't he just too cute! It reminded me of how there are booths set up at fairs at home where they put old western style clothes on top of your clothes and take pictures that look like you are in a saloon. There was a big difference here though...they had one amazing REAL backdrop!

Twice people came up to me and asked to have their picture taken with me...very weird but they're super sweet about it. It happened a few more times to Emily today too...she's lovin' it!

Allie & Emily came running down to the bottom and al I could think of was that tomorrow we will be running to finally meet our daughter. Please pray for safe travel for our group and smooth transitions for all twenty four children. We are all so nervous and excited that prayers for calm nerves (and stomaches for a few of us who have been slightly queasy since we got here...we are guessing the combination of strange but surprisingly good food, air pollution and nerves is getting to us) would be awesome too!

It's going to be a truly great Gotcha Day!!!!!!!!

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Kristi said...

Your replay of today brings back memories...
By now you are most likely in flight, or already landed in KayLi's province. Oh my goodness I can't wait for your next post!!!
This morning I woke up around 6:20am (VERY UNUSUAL for me) and had you and some of the other families on my heart. I spent some time in prayer for you guys and will be doing so much more over the next few days as you begin to adjust as a newly formed family!

delladays said...

So glad you are able to update us! I was so excited to see you had posted already again. Best wishes on your gotcha day, our prayers are with you!

Kimi said...

I'm so glad you are having a wonderful time. Treasure each moment! I can't hardly wait until see KayLi in your arms will make my day!

Love you,

Traci said...

I am so loving these pictures! I cannot quit telling you this, but it is so fun to see the pictures and think, "Wow, we were there.". The Great Wall pictures are so beautiful! It was so cold when we where there, it was hard to really enjoy the scenery, so it's nice to see it with you all in the pictures! Praise God!
The church service was so moving, huh? Such a sweet time.
We are so excited for Gotcha Day! I may have to set my alarm for early morning so I can be the first to see pictures. Well, I guess TJ would be the first. I am so glad TJ is able to post for you! We would be lost without it! Thanks, TJ!
God bless you!

WilxFamily said...

Yep, that's right!! As long as God's there, that's all that matters....and we all know He is! Thank you for sharing your journey with the folks back home...and the rest of us scattered all over the States!

Another one of "the least of these" is going home tomorrow, with her loving family who loves the Lord. I just really feel privileged to follow along. (Of course, I'm taking "notes" for our trip to pick up Evan.) :0)

Oh, my, God is soooo good, and Gotcha day is coming!!!!! Here??!?!

Will continue to pray for safe travels, and smooth transitions.

Sharon said...


Jaynie said...

LOVE all the photos posted here and on Allie's Facebook page! May each of you receive an extra dose of physical and emotional strength. Though this is certainly a happy and blessed occasion, it must be incredibly tiring and stressful, too. Our church family continues to pray, share your joy, and look forward to your safe return.
Love & hugs~ Jaynie