Friday, July 3, 2009

Surprise Blessings

One of the things that has surprised me the most about the adoption process is the adoption community. Before we began this journey, I didn't even know it existed. It's been the sweetest surprise blessing! I had no idea that I would "meet" so many people or be so touched by how God is working in their lives. It's really amazing!

Last week we had two of the sweetest surprise blessings from two people I may never have known, if not for this journey.

The first was from Kristi, whose pictured above with her adorable family. When she read "The Hundred Secret Senses" by Amy Tan, she offered it as a kind of giveaway on her blog Fireworks & Fireflies. I was pitifully excited when she sent me an e-mail and said she would be mailing me the book soon. It was just like winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!!!

When her package arrived there was more than just the book inside. She sent KayLi this cute sundress, since Guangzhou is "The hottest place on Earth." She also included the kindest congratulations card that I'm saving for KayLi to read someday.

Thanks so much Kristi for your thoughtfulness! I can't wait to travel for twentyoneish hours and read it!!!

The second surprise blessing was a visit from my dear friend Traci and her son Toryn. I love this picture of the two of them...does this boy love having a Mama or what?!

Traci has been so awesome and has answered over four million travel questions for me over the last few weeks! She was super patient and answered another two million during our visit!

She brought Emily & KayLi the cutest Mei Mei & Jie Jie T-Shirts. Emily was leaving for Vacation Bible School when Traci got here and she immediately ran and changed shirts. She loves it! I can't wait to see both my girls wearing them together in China!

Thank you so much Traci for your patience, encouragement, and friendship. I love ya, Girl!

(Sorry this picture is so blurry...we were really rushing to get Emily out the door to VBS :0)
I'm sooooo not a photographer!)

Thank you so much Kristi & Traci for your thoughtfulness and sweet gifts! And thank you to all of you in the adoption continually surprise me and you've blessed my socks off!


WilxFamily said...

God's blessings just never seems to stop, do they???!?! What sweet, sweet gifts, and even sweeter friends!
Yeah, that will be awesome seeing the girls in their matching sisters shirts! SOON too!

Lori said...


Sorry about the blog file mix up.

I can't believe it! It's coming up quickly ~:-0

Kristi said...

Can't wait to see KayLi in her little dress! And you know the really funny thing? My sister's name is Traci too!

Jenn said...

I never in my wildest dreams or imagination would have ever guessed I'd make such sweet, sweet friends because of the blogging adoption community! The Lord has been so good and I'm so blessed!

Again...I'm so excited for you!!!


Traci said...

It was definitely my pleasure giving the girls the tshirts. I CANNOT wait to see them both in them, very soon! I love it when you ask me questions! It is so exciting seeing your family about to leave for feels like we are about to go back and I cannot wait to read your blog everyday while you're there! I'm so glad God brought you and your family into our lifes. Isn't it amazing how God put three families in little bitty Forsan, Tx? He is so wonderful! Please, continue to call me.....I love it, and I LOVE you! Happy Packing today!

Shannon said...


Thanks so much for your sweet encouragement!

I look forward to meeting you in Beijing!!! Take Care!