Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So Far So Good

Our first day of travel is almost over and we are just hanging out in our hotel room in Los Angeles. Since we live almost exactly in the middle of the country, Allie thought it would be a little easier if we broke up the trip some by staying a night in L.A. We left our house at 9:30 a.m. and didn't get to our hotel room until after 4 p.m.Pacific time. Seven hours of travel down!

Right now we are excited and would have loved to have just kept going but I'm sure this will help with exhaustion in the long run. And since my dad lives out here, it will be nice to see him & my step mom when we return to LAX, WITH KAYLI!

The photo above doesn't show it but Emily has been super excited all day. We all are! I can't believe we are finally leaving for China tomorrow. The next time I post will be from Beijing!!!!!


WilxFamily said...'s finally here! I am really excited for your family and cannot WAIT to see KayLi with YOU and your family.

Kimi said...

It won't be long now and KayLi will be in your arms! WOO HOO!


Melissa said...

Lisa - the first thing I did this morning was to check in with your blog and see if you made it to LA! So happy you did, and hope you got some rest last night before your LONG flight to Beijing!!!!This is REALLY happening!!!!

Kimi said...

You don't have to publish this comment.

I wanted you to know that I had a friend that recently traveled to China and she had to use another travel website because Blogger was blocked might not be now but I would hate for you to get over there and not be able to journal your journey. I am SO SORRY I didn't think about this before today. She used Baby Jellybeans. I used with with Max and it is real easy! I hope you get this in time to atleast check it out.


Traci said...

And your off.....Yippee, Jesus! Please keep my dear, sweet friends safe in your mighty arms as they travel. We love you, Lord!

Enjoy the LLLOOONNNGGGG flight!
Love you guys!

Kristi said...

I thought about you yesterday as I knew your journey was beginning! Happy flying to Beijing!

Apsara said...

I have been really excited for you too!

I couldn't stop thinking about you and Kayli last night. You know my memories is so fresh I could feel the excitement :)

I can't wait for you to meet her!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited you get to hold your sweet girl. I bet you can't wait to kiss those cheeks! I am checking your blog everyday now! Hope you get to see the SWI!
Safe journeys-

Jaynie said...

By the time you read this, God willing, you will be in China! How exciting that must be - so many incredible new experiences one after another. Just imagining how it feels takes my breath away. But no doubt, the most breath-taking moment will be seeing KayLi "up close and personal"... when you finally greet the newest addition to your family after a VERY long gestation! :) We are praying throughout your journey and look forward to your return home soon!

Peace, joy, & love in His name~