Monday, July 20, 2009

Sights & Shops

Yesterday was a free day and it was soooooo nice to do some sight seeing and relax. Our guides scheduled a trip to a folk art museum that is housed in the Chen family temple. We loved the details in the architecture and the intricately carved wood....amazing really! We also liked the dog topiary that was in front.

Bronze statues like this one are becoming a common sight. There are some in a few parks and this was on in front of the temple. Poor KayLI looks as confused as I was about why Emily and Allie decided to pose like this.

After the museum we went to a tea store that taught you about the various types of tea here while you enjoyed tasting them. It was fun to see all the different types of tea pots and I was so excited to find KayLi a cute little tea set.

We spent a very relaxing evening in our room and KayLi had so much fun playing in the bath. It is is amazing to me how far she has come in such a short period of time. Some of the families have had a rough road but most like us has had rough moments that are surrounded by pure joy. KayLi loves to tease, tickle and be tickled. Especially by her JieJie.

Today we had to go back to the medical exam clinic and have KayLi's TB test read. All of the children over the age of two had to be tested and they were all fine. After that we found the famous Lucy's restaurant for a late lunch on Shamian Island. It was wonderful! Traci, I'm sorry I gave the impression that we have loved all the food. It has been a little frustrating. Several times we have ordered four or five dishes only to discover we like one or two of them. Pizza hut and Lucy are at the top of our list so far.

As soon as we finished eating we did some touristy shopping on the island. We found a store named Jordan's where the owner writes your childs name in Chinese characters for free. It's a fun little store that proudly boasts "No high pressure sales." We LOVED this sales approach! I could actually think about who Iwas shopping for and caluclate the exchange rates without someone asking constantly "You like this one? I make you good price."

This island, like every place else we have visited, is so beautiful!

I'm so thankful that KayLi lets me brush her teeth with out any problems. Tonight I let her brush them herself and was thrilled to discover that she knew what she was dong and did a good job of it. I think she may have a couple cavities, which is pretty common for cleft babies. Her palate doesn't look bad to me but what do I know :0) gotta love this kid!


Kristi said...

Oh my word, that expression in the last picture is so precious! I'm glad that things are continuing to go well! Praise God for a clear TB test! And yay for Lucy's. I love Chinese food, but each trip I sure did enjoy a good old grilled cheese sandwich after several days of unfamiliar food. (It's not on the menu, but ask for it ~ it's so yummy!)
So now I'm caught up and will be watching daily for your reports! I continue to pray for all of you guys as you are bonding and then preparing for your flights home. God be with you my friend!

Traci said...

Yeah! I'm so happy she likes to brush her teeth! Way to go, KayLi!
Lisa, I'm glad you mentioned about the food. I was beginning to feel really bad because we didn't enjoy it. I feel better knowing we were not alone! =o)

I absolutely love the last picture of her with her arms crossed. That precious little face! Those adorable little almond shaped eyes just melt my heart!
Love you all!

WilxFamily said...

I love that last photo!!! Too cute!

Lesa said...

I absolutely love the last photo of her. What a cute little thing she is!!!