Thursday, July 16, 2009

We got off to a great start on our last day in KayLi's home province. Once KayLi bounced on her Baba's stomach for awhile, we had breakfast at the hotel's "western" buffet again. It's a great buffet but I have to admit that the pan fried dumpling (amazing!) and the steamed vegetables for breakfast are cracking us up. I have to remember to take the camera before we leave to get a few pictures of KayLi eating Congee. She LOVES it and eats it sooooo fast!

Then we headed to the notary office to pick up the last of our paperwork from here. KayLi really doesn't like the car. She got carsick on the way here from the orphanage so we think she may feel sick each time. She pouts pretty good each time we get in one. Please pray for our travels tomorrow. It's an hour drive to the airport and then the first airplane ride. Her left ear is still pretty bad. She messes with it a lot! I cleaned it a little today and you would not have believed what was on the q-tip. I have never seen black earwax before but it was almost black. We are planning to give her medicine before the flight but I'm still concerned...please pray hard.

It was such a huge relief to leave the office and know that all of the paperwork on China's side is finished. I'm not sure if you would call it a celebration but we went to McDonald's again for lunch. They have Hello Kitty happy meal toys and apparently when you order one this sweet person brings your toy to the table after you are seated. She and Emily were both sweet enough to humor me and let me take their picture!

Allie and Emily got ice cream cones before we left and is seems KayLi has never had ice cream before. I love the face she makes when she tries something new and isn't sure about it! We have seeen that face alot the last few days. She love french fries by the way.

She REALLY liked the ice cream!!! This was as soon as she swallowed!!!! 

Baths are not going well at all. She cries from start to finish with the worst of when you are washing and rinsing her hair. But after her bath she was very sweet. She has been playing with the little panda they brought with her and with the doll we brought. She was calling them both wawa until today. Emily watched Kung Fu Panda again and taught KayLi to say panda. So now she calls the panda "Panda wawa." She puts them both to bed on the pillow and speaks to them in Chinese a little. It's so sweet.

We are surprised at how much Chinese (or should I say Mandarine?) she speaks. Allie has been repeating words and phrases to her in English a lot and today she repeated several back to him. My favorite was "Howdy!" Then we cracked up at her because she started repeating Chinese words and phrases to him. We videoed for almost 45 minutes of it. She kept talking and he kept repeating what she said...she loved it! I can;t wait to show the guide tomorrow and learn what she is saying. When we get home I;m sure Allie will get it on Youtube and I'll post a link. It's hilarious how animated she was getting as she gave him his first Chinese lesson!

We noticed at in Beijing that a lot of the people her get very funny with how they pose when they are having their picture taken. You see people holding up the peace sign with their fingers A LOT but they also just pose in silly ways. It seems that KayLi has been taught to pose too. She loves sitting in the velvet chairs in our room and when I got the camera to take a couple pictures of the way she runs her hands over and over the velvet she immediately started posing. Is that the most beautiful smile you have ever seen or what!?!?

A little side note for the aunts and Grandma's who have been asking;
Most of her 3T clothing is bordering on too small and the size 7 white sandals don't fit. Mom, if you could get a soft bed rail before we get home it would be awesome...she is all over the place when she sleeps! It creates some seriously funny bedhead!!!!

Tomorrow we begin the last half of our journey here and I can't believe it's half over. It's a little bitter sweet. I'm so excited to meet up with our travel group and meet the families with their new children! Leaving here will be very hard though. I feel like I owe this beautiful place the biggest debt of gratitude ever.


Melissa said...

Lisa - What a beautiful transition KyLie has made over the past few days....her smile is just precious, and it sounds like things are going SO well! Matthew hated his baths for a while too, but now we can't get him out of them, so I am sure that will come soon! We will be praying for you for safe travels to Guangzhou, we had to deal with the motion sickness thing, and that certainly was no fun - how smart to give her medicine before!!! Thinking of you a lot! Love, Melissa

Carla said...

Could Emily put on her bathing suit and get in the bath with her? Ethan did this with Charlotte and she was not scared anymore after that. Even when she got in on her own. Glad to see she is settling in more and more.

Sharon said...

She looks like her a little China doll with that pixie sweet! Praying for your flights!

Jenn said...

So happy to see that all is going so well.

Just a side note...the black stuff that came out of her ears MIGHT be all of the pollution there! I couldn't believe what came out my nose when we were there! Ewww! :)

Keeping you all in prayer!


Stephanie, Stephen, Shaelyn and Selena said...

The photos are so excellent! I can't wait to see the video :-). Glad everything is going well. All the best on your flight.!


Melissa said...

Good morning...I know it's your Saturay evening in China and I just wanted to let you all know that I am thinking of you and continuing to pray that all is going well for you all and that KayLi is continuing to adjust well to her forever family! Can't wait to see new pictures!

Kristi said...

I hated that I was away from my computer during your first days with KayLi, but it is rather fun to watch her adjusting to you right before my eyes! I totally understand how you feel about leaving her province. I cried as we boarded the plane in Wuhan, thinking about how we were taking Caleb away from his home.
I hope bathtime is going well by now. Kylie HATED bathtime until we got home and then suddenly she didn't mind.