Saturday, July 25, 2009

One Step Closer to Home

After four long years, we finally got on that very long flight home. Doesn't KayLi look absolutely thrilled to start her new life in America? In truth, none of us were thrilled to get on this plane...such a necessary evil.

When we landed at LAX KayLi officially became an American citizen!!!! I took about six pictures trying to get the perfect one of her waving both the Chinese and American flags..this is the best I got. You already know what Allie looks like...who needs to see his head in every picture anyway? For the record, KayLi did really well on the flight. She took two pretty good naps and was such a trooper. Our only major issue was the loud very scary airplane potty! That is one evil potty!

After successfully navigating immigration, customs, LAX and a short taxi ride, we meet my Dad and Candi at our hotel. It was so nice to see familiar faces! Once we got settled in our room, they gave KayLi an early birthday gift...her first most likely. She had no idea what to think of wrapping paper, let alone the cute V-Tech laptop they gave her. She loved it soon enough though...just like them! We went to our all time favorite burger joint...In & Out and enjoyed REAL french fries. I have to get video of the way KayLi says's adorable! She is picking up the English names for new things very quickly. If she already knows what something is, she tells us what it is in Chinese and looks like us like we are crazy. We say English, she says Chinese. Over and over and over. It's actually pretty comical...they learn through repetition right?

Now we are waiting for our check out time and we'll get on the last two airplanes home! Just in case any of you are traveling anytime soon, I really recommend breaking up the flights and staying an extra night along the way if you can. It was wonderful to rest last night before heading home. We had a much easier time with jet lag on the way to China and so far we feel very rested on our way back. I'm sure we will be exhausted but nothing like some of the stories I've heard.

I can't wait to land in Midland! KayLi will meet her grandma, big brother, aunt, uncle, cousin and many wonderful friends that we consider family!

We are almost home!!!!!


Kristi said...

Good idea to plan to stay overnight ~ we almost did due to a LONG wait to get through customs last time!
I'm glad KayLi is picking up her new language so quickly!
Happy travels home!
By the way, I love her picture with both flags!

Apsara said...

Have a nice flight home!

Alexandre slept 6 out of 12 hours flight home we had and was really nice all along to my suprise. I think we always expect worse knowing it's a long flight.


Stephanie, Stephen, Shaelyn and Selena said...

Yay! Welcome "almost home"! Glad to hear the jet lag isn't too bad and I hope is passes soon!

Stephanie N

Sharon said...

Welcome back to the US...being home is SO wonderful and now you will really see her personality start to shine. I was told that it takes about 6 months to really see the "real" them. We found this very true in our case although Hudson was delightful from the beginning. I think I need to take a trip to Midland to hand with you and Traci!

Sundai said...

We are all so very blessed to have you guys home!! Kayli is a sweetheart!!! I can't belive I was able to be apart of all of this!! Tell Emily that Shelby missed her oh so very much!!!! Please tell her we are so proud of her too!! It has to be such a hard sweet blessing!!!!

God's Grace said...

I really enjoyed following your journey...and I can't wait to see how everyone is adjusting. Terry

Melissa said...

Lisa - the SMILES are awesome! You are ALMOST there!!! I love the new pictures, and KayLi just looks so wonderful. Actually you ALL do - can't wait to see the next pictures of a beuatiful homecoming!!!! Your journey was wonderful to follow - can't wait to see your HOME journey now!