Saturday, July 18, 2009

Internet troubles!

Internet has been a problem so Lisa called home and relayed a message for her blog.... via several phone calls so here goes....

They have met up with the other families that they are traveling with. At one point they were all in a room and of course all the kids took off their shoes. KayLi was not impressed I guess, started talking to the other kids (in mandrian!) and soon the shoes were lined up against the wall. In the hotel KayLi has a drawer that all her toys are kept in and when she is done playing she puts them up herself - without being told!

Allie and Lisa took KayLi to the doctor for her ear. They were amazed at the amount of wax that came out of her ears. KayLi is still taking medicine, but her ear is much better now.

KayLi is well behaved. she understands "no" and does not throw a fit when she hears it. She is also very cuddly and loves to be held by her daddy. Oh and typical of children from an orphanage she started out hoarding her food but in just a few days is already starting to share her food. Awesome!

For Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles; KayLi loves the dress up beads and her bows. She also gets very excited when they open the suitcase to find out what she gets to wear that day.

Thats all I have today. Hopefully soon we will get something from Lisa that I can post.

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