Tuesday, July 28, 2009

HOME....My Most Rambling Post to Date

It's 6:19 a.m. and I cant believe I have been up since four! Allie, Em & I (yep they are awake too) all seem to be having a hard time sleeping in and recovering from the time differences and jet lag. It's definitly harder without the adrenalin rush of going to China! I think I'll try staying up late tonight and see if that helps. If you know me at all, you know I love sleeping late and slow mornings, so this is just way weird to me :0)

KayLi on the other hand had one kinda rough night where she woke up crying twice, was easily consoled and since then seems to just love home. It is such a joy to see her here, playing where I have imagined and dreamed her to be for so long. Just thinking of it and writing this brings tears to my eyes for the one billionth time!

We had a pretty uneventful flight home from LA which was followed by such a sweet welcome! I'll post pictures of it when I coax them from everyone who was snapping away as I fought tears. So many people made posters and banners....sooooo sweet!

We were so surprised to see Allie's mom and sister here...they were very sneaky and told no one they weyre coming up. Ryan's best friend since forever and his little sister were also big surprises. It was wonderful to see everyone and overwhelming to know that so many gave up their Saturday night to welcome KayLi home.

My sweet friend Traci meet as at the airpot with her Little Asian Sensation. She wrote the sweetest post about our homecoming. You can check it out here. Thanks so much to everyone for making our homecming so special! You're the bestest!!!!

KayLi is such a little mimic...or as Allie so loving puts it "She's a little Chinese parrot that mocks me." At the airport she quickly caught on to the way we were going around hugging everyone and found it great fun to do the same. She is so much more outgoing than I ever would have imagined her to be. She's funny and charming and waaaayyyy more vocal than I thought was possible. I wrongly had this assumption that her cleft palate and speach impediment would have caused her to be a quiet child....yeah right! She's actually pretty loud and fits right in our nousy house. We are working on her understanding of "Shhhh."

And this house has been extra nouisy lately. Ryan, his best friend Josh and little sister Jordan, my brother Jason, sis in law Wendy, my 4 yr. old newphew Will, my mom, Allie's mom Sharon and sister Susan (who decided to skip the insanity and stay at a hotel) were all here for our first full day home Sunday. It's been crazy & wonderful all at once. Definitly not a quiet first few days home. Those days will come but for now, I'm thankful that everyone is getting to know KayLi a little. We are enjoying a full house. Sharon, Susan, Josh & Jordan all headed home yesterday morning. Followed by Ryan last night. Now it's just Jason, Wendy, Will and mom and I'll take them to the airport tomorrow afternoon. The house will seem empty, I'm sure.

Ryan is totally infatuated with KayLi! When it's not early and I'm not rambling, I'll post more about them....just too cute! The nannies really prepared KayLi for us. She seemed to regonize, him & both the grandma's from the photo album we sent. Which I think I will order a copy cat version of from Red Thread, since they asked to keep the origonal. It won't be the same one we sent but I think it will be good for KayLi to look through one just like it with us. Not to mention that she will have it to show her children.

We took KayLi to the doctor yesterday and were happy to discover that her ear infection has cleared up...thank you Jesus! Since KayLi's TB test in China came back possitive but her X-Ray was clear, our doctor ordered another skin test that will be read tomorrow. She obviously doesn't have TB but he wants to judge his own test before making any assumptions about whether she has been exposed to it. After he looks at it tomorrow we will come up with a game plan. He said that since she tested positive once she would always test positive, so I'm a little confused as to why he wanted to test again but I'll ask more tomorrow.

KayLi just woke up and our plan for the day is to head to the local farmers market....this girls LOVES fruit! So I better get a move on finally making breakfast. It's so nice to be able to cook for her! I promise more pictures and a cohesive post when life settles into a wonderful new normal. Until then we are totally enjoying the honeymoon!!!!

Oh, a small prayer request. One of the children in our travel group has the chicken pox, so KayLi has been exposed to them too. Please pray that she doesn't come down with them before we get her vaccinated. Thanks in advance for praying...you're awesome :0)


Kristi said...

You just ramble on my friend, I enjoyed reading about your first bit of time at home! Of course now I'm going to be annoying and start nagging for pictures of that sweet girl in her room, sitting at your kitchen table, and just being in the home like you had envisioned!
Get some rest too...

Jazmyne Rose-Noel Rees said...

Welcome Home Lisa & Family!
Your post was perfect...very accurate! Our first weekend at home is a rambling of memories to me even today! So many friends and family members so eager to meet the child they too had grown to love right along with us! We did all of the paper work and went and got her but our Jazmyne was adopted not just by us but by two entire family. You have been a faithfull servant to our Lord and Master by answering his call to bring one of his loved orphans home. God Bless You!
Kathy Rees

Apsara said...

I'm so glad to see you home :)

Now you'll be able to settle and enjoy the time with your girls and the rest of the family.

About the TB test, she might have gotten the TB shot and in this case she will always test positive. That's the way I discovered that I had the shot by a positive test.

Take care,


Melissa said...

Welcome home everyone! Lisa, you better keep those updates coming because I can't wait to see pictures of KayLi home with you! Most of all, try to get some sleep this week - isn't it amazing how much harder the jet lag is coming home? We felt like zombies for the longest time! We had to go through all of the TB test stuff, and Matthew had to do 6 months of a medication once, now we are about done....

Sharon said...

glad your home and settling in. It is so fun to watch all of their "firsts" as they begin to really experience life!